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Adventure Meals Top Sellers Bundle

(7 customer reviews)




What’s included in this bundle?

  • 1 Appalachian Apple Cinnamon Cereal Pouch
  • 1 Golden Fields Mac & Cheese Pouch
  • 1 Trailhead Noodles & Beef Pouch
  • 1 Trail Treats Cookie Dough Snacks Pouch

7 reviews for Adventure Meals Top Sellers Bundle

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Flavors kind of gross but it’s not to bad. Haven’t really noticed it help with hydration but will continue to use to see if I notice any type of changes.

  2. Isaac (verified owner)

    I’ve been purchasing Liquid IV For over a year now and I love them. There hasn’t been a flavor that I haven’t disliked. I truly feel that I drink a lot more water when I use those as supposed to regular water. They have the nutrients in the powder so I do seem to get a little pep in my step when I use them.

  3. Julian (verified owner)

    Personally my favorite flavor, sometimes it’s really sweet so I put half in a large glass of water and the other half in my second glass

  4. Matthew (verified owner)

    Taste was good and every time I drink it I feel better, probably also due to the vitamins.
    Also if I haven’t drank water all day this is a quick solution to feel hydrated again.
    Also an amazing drink after a workout

  5. Camden (verified owner)

    There’s nothing I dislike about it. Will definitely order again soon. I use this for dehydration. It’s amazing

  6. Riley (verified owner)

    Love it but going on ketogenic so need to stop using it because of the sugar content

  7. Avery (verified owner)

    Alright not a fan of the flavour

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