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Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Need a reliable emergency sleeping bag?

Look no further. The Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag is the only one to consider, with all the features you need!

  • Sleeps two – Twin-bed size (90” x 39”)
  • Warms without need for electricity – Heat-reflective (special metallic and polyester fabric)
  • Signals rescuers – Highly visible (shiny)
  • Keeps you warm and dry – Waterproof and wind-resistant (perfect for sheltering or ground cover)
  • It’s highly affordable, too!

You can even slip one inside your regular sleeping bag for added warmth.

When the bitter cold is just too much, this is the emergency bag to have on hand.

Be sure to get enough for everyone in your family or crew.



Use your own body heat to stay comfortably warm – even in harsh winter weather!

7 reviews for Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    super lightweight but sturdy and very warm! these worked amazingly for my friends and i at thunderdome. it was freezing walking to and from the dome at night so it was nice having something lightweight to throw in our bags.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Nop, definitivamente no confiaría mi vida en estas mantas, ni la de nadie más. Somos campistas aficionados y quisimos incluir estas mantas para cualquier emergencia que pudiera sucitarse, pero para probarlas nos las llevamos a un campamento en donde la temperatura bajo como a 2°, nada extremo pero el frio si estaba fuerta. Estuvimos viendo instrucciones y videos para utilizarlas de forma correcta, aunado a que ya habiamos visto alguna vez un refugio construido con unas pero se sentian mas gruesas. Definivitamente no hicieron ninguna diferencia, intentamos usarlas de varias maneras para saber si estabamos haciendolo mal y pues nada, si acaso aumentaban la sensacion termina un poquito pero estando totalmente envuelto como taco y en contacto con la piel, aunque seguias muriendote de frio. De otras maneras no hacian mucha diferencia, incluso unimos dos mantas para intentar simular un refugio bien pegadito al piso y nada… tampoco como cubierta pa guardar el calor si te acuestas en el piso… bueno nada…. ya no las puedo regresar porque obvio ya las desdoble y son de aluminio. No sé si sea por el precio que difiere mucho de otras en las que una sola manta cuesta lo de todas estas pero pues si son bien delgadas.

  3. Ryker (verified owner)

    I did small experiment. I used this stuff, some thicker mylar, tinfoil, and no coating. Thicker stuff retained better of course. But this stuff retained less heat then the tinfoil. Seriously. The tinfoil I bought from the dollar store retained more heat then these blankets. (Used jello in different cups, each wrapped by one material, exactly the same way, temps were measured with the same thermometer, all cups sat on the same counter in the same outside temperature (room temp))

  4. Zohar (verified owner)

    This product is way way way too thin. I will be buying a better quality blanket with more thickness. I would compare it to the thickness and feel of a cellophane bag that you would wrap a basket with but silver colored.

  5. Kevin (verified owner)

    These are perfect for covering the walls of your grow…..translucent enough to view progress without opening…..also opaque enough to insure cloning lights dont affect grow cycle of flowering plants….at a fraction of the cost of a grow tent…..”highly” recommended.

  6. Zohar (verified owner)

    I use this to line my little inside greenhouse to reflect the light back onto the plants. Then I also lined my metal shelf with it on the sides and the end to help my little seedlings to get enough light to grow nice seedlings. Good stuff with more than one purpose. Thanx

  7. Kayden (verified owner)

    Ok this is a different kinda story. I bought these as I have a feral cat I feed. I have him a gazebo tent. Instead of hay or straw i substituted these and put n btwn blankets for sweetie cat and he just snuggled and cuddled in btwn them.

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