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Ready Hour Emergency Water Pouch Case (64 pouches)

(7 customer reviews)


2x the Shelf Life. 3x More Protection!

Plastic water bottles are a petri dish of mold, bacteria, and chemicals. Ready Hour Emergency Water Pouches keep your water clean with four puncture-resistant layers of protection.


Reverse-Osmosis Filtration

Water is filtered multiple times through reverse-osmosis purification. This process clears out bacteria, viruses, and chemicals down to the microscopic level.

Fit GALLONS of Water into Your Bug-Out Bag

Each pouch is nearly flat, six inches long, and easy to squeeze into tight spaces. Now you can fit GALLONS of water into your bug-out bag!

More Water, Less Leakage

We all know water bottles leak once they’re opened.

Ready Hour Emergency Drinking Water come in SINGLE-USE pouches that reduce spillage and conserve water in emergencies.


  • 4.227 fl oz Water Per Pouch
  • 6” x 4” x 1/2” Per Individual Pouch
  • 64 Pouches in a Case
  • Case Total Volume: 279 oz (2 gal)

7 reviews for Ready Hour Emergency Water Pouch Case (64 pouches)

  1. Ryder (verified owner)

    I bought this basic little kit for my son awhile back to carry in his backpack in case of an emergency. He needed one do to earthquakes in our area. I would recommend for teachers, students or any office worke to keep this kit in their area. Doesn’t take up much space.

  2. Alan (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  3. David (verified owner)

    It well work in a pinch .

  4. Owen (verified owner)

    Very basic good as a just in case or in your kids car as part of emergency kit small part but for the price not bad

  5. Daniel (verified owner)

    Loved how well packaged it is and it came with a lot of good things in the package just as in the picture !

  6. Tyler (verified owner)

    I have one in my napsack as a “Go Bag” in the event of emergency or evacuation…. In the car and in the house. Its just enough to hold me over a 2 to 4 days in the event of a crisis, if there is only time to grab a bag and run ( which looks more and more likely these days).
    Side Note: This is a great start, you will still need some canned/dried/bottled goods to make yourself a complete Emergency bag.

  7. Max (verified owner)

    What I was sent will expire in 4 years not 5, so just something to consider. (Mine expire 2027, rcvd 2023.) Regardless, I’m going to keep them.

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